Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me some print information about your company and your signs?

A: Sure! To receive one of our promotional brochures, simply use the contact us form to submit a request.


Q: What kind of payment options do you offer?

A: We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, cash and corporate checks.


Q: What kind of warrantee do you offer?

A: A 12-month manufacturer’s warrantee covering all defects in manufacturing backs all of our signs.


Q: What repairs are not covered under your warrantee?

A: Damage resulting from the following is not covered under our warrantee:

  • Neglect, intentional damage, abuse

  • Improper storage, installation or maintenance from anyone other than VICTORY SIGN

  • Replacement of lights

  • Inclement weather or natural disasters

LED Message Center Signs:

Q: What are the different types of LED Message Center Signs you offer?

A: We offer 4 types of LED Message Center Signs. Color LED Signs have vibrant images and video with the most accurate color reproduction. They also come in a variety of sizes, and are suitable for any type of business or organization. You are able to promote a product or service one day and change it the following week, the next day or next hour yourself.

The Monochrome LED Signs are one color but have more than 4000 shades to choose from, with incredibly sharp resolution and high-resolution detail. These signs are great for any business or organization that like the LED Signs but are looking for something less flashy. You can still put your messages out there and change them whenever you like.

The Time and Temp LED Signs are great for turning you business into a landmark. On your daily commute, do you have a normal place that you check the temperature or time? Even with these features in our vehicle we still always look, if you and I are looking, imagine how many others do too.

LED Message Centers are great for Gas Stations. With the Price Watcher Signs, there is no more going out in the snow, rain or heat or chasing and fighting the wind to change your numbers. You are able to do that inside saving you or your employee a headache yes but more importantly, as soon as you get a change in price you can advertise that change instantly, saving you and your customer’s money.

Q: With such a variety of sizes and styles, how do I choose the right sign for my business?

A: LED Message Centers can be overwhelming when researching on your own. At Victory Sign, we can sit down with you and explain in detail everything you need to know until you feel satisfied.

Q: How can I be sure I am buying a quality LED Message Center?

A: At Victory Sign we buy all of our LED Message Centers strictly from Watchfire Signs. Watchfire Signs is an American company that produces an American-made product. They thoroughly test all of their products to make sure they have a high durability, are weather proof, and are as energy efficient as possible. Watchfire also has a 5 year LED Sign warranty, and keeps parts in stock for a minimum of 10 years, so no matter how much technology advances your sign and business is still important to Watchfire.

Q: An LED Message Center seems like a large investment, how can I be sure it is the right decision for me?

A: An LED Message Center may seem to be a large investment, but it also provides a large profit in return. To help show you what a great investment a LED Message Center is, you can set up a free consultation at your business. At your consultation, the Watchfire Demo Truck can stop by and you can get a visual idea of what your future LED Message Center will look like and how much attention it will actually receive. Also, we can provide you with literature that contains real businesses testimonials, traffic analysis, a rendering to show you exactly how the LED Message Center will look at your business and much more!

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